One of the more obscure jazz singers who has a small but very devoted following, Miss Teddi King certainly deserves to be rediscovered by Music lovers all over the world!

Last November marked the 35th anniversary of her death – but luckily almost everything she recorded during a time span of almost 30 years is available to the record buying Public.

A publicity photo of Teddi King from around 1960

A publicity photo of Teddi King from around 1960

Theodora “Teddi King” (September 18, 1929 – November 18, 1977) was a very unique kind of singer, and I will very shortly guide you through her recorded works (and if you’ve never heard of her, I hope you get curious enough to want to listen!)

Starting out in the late 1940’s, Miss King recorded her last album in 1977 – just a short while before her death at age 48 from Lupus. Her collected recordings is a treat for both fans of vocal jazz, and great singing in general. Though mainly considered a jazz singer, Teddi King also made quite a lot of more pop oriented material, and even some early rock ‘n’ roll.

An in-Depth survey on her various albums will follow here soon – so do check back in a few days!