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Since I started this website in January 2012, quite a few topics have been discussed and a lot of different singers and artists have been profiled.

Below you will find a chronological survey, sorted by month/year. On the right hand menu, you will find the links to each month, so it should make it easier for you to quickly access the information you need. Happy hunting!


January 2012:

Johnnie Ray (classic pop singer), Linda Clifford (disco/soul singer), Ethel Merman (Broadway star, actress, musical performer), Lita Ford (rock singer and former member of The Runaways)


February 2012:

Anita O’Day (jazz singer), Brenda Holloway (soul singer/Motown star), Abbey Lincoln (jazz singer), Kim Weston (soul singer/Motown star)


March 2012:

Amii Stewart (American disco singer, currently based in Europe), Sharon Redd (disco singer and former member of The Harlettes)


April 2012:

Candi Staton (soul singer), Helen Ward (big band singer/jazz singer), Fran Warren (classic pop singer), Bea Wain (big band singer, classic pop singer, radio star)


May 2012:

Donna Summer (a tribute written after her death, and my personal memories of meeting her)


June 2012:

Suzi Quatro (rock singer, actress), Jeremy Bamber (wrongly convicted British lifetime prisoner)


July 2012:

Millie Jackson (soul singer), Rachel Sweet (former rock singer/TV-producer, sometime actress)


September 2012:

The Three Degrees (soul group, girl group and Philly Soul pioneers)


October 2012:

Barbara Acklin (soul singer, “First Lady of Brunswick Records”)


November 2012:

Susan Maughan (British girl singer of the 1960’s, cabaret performer), Ulrik Thömt (Norwegian student who fights degrading verbal abuse)



December 2012:

Nancy Sinatra (pop singer), Christmas music (personal views), Seasonal Greetings for Christmas, and a “end of the year” message to all my Readers



January 2013:

Toni Arden (classic pop singer), rewiew of a musical show that was staged at Kultursalen, Hadeland 



March 2013:

Fran Warren (classic pop singer, a short tribute after she died)



April 2013:

Sara Montiel (Spanish singer/actress, TV-star, Latin music star – a tribute after she died)



July 2013:

Risë Stevens (operatic mezzo soprano)



August 2013:

Gunda-Marie Bruce (Norwegian soprano – an interview with her), Diamanda Galas (Greek/American avantgarde singer, Composer and performer)



September 2013:

Alex (Alexandra Naumik Sandøy) (Polish/Norwegian pop/rock singer of the 1970s/80s – a tribute after she died)



October 2013:

Margie Joseph (soul singer)



November 2013:

Lita Ford (rock singer. This is an updated version of my January 2012 post about her, made after that post had reached 10.000 Readers!), Else Skagen (Norwegian former pop singer and my personal best friend), Sylvie Vartan (French pop singer)



January/February 2014:

Leonid Larionov (Russian/Norwegian operatic bass. January contains a concert review, February contains my interview with this truly fascinating singer and instrument maker)



March 2014:

Vikki Carr (classic pop singer, country singer, latin music star), Sheena Easton (Scottish/American pop singer)



April 2014:

Odyssey (soul/disco group)



May 2014:

Diana Dors (British sex symbol, actress – a small tribute on the 30th anniversary of her death)



August 2014:

Gitte Haenning (Danish/German singer)



September 2014:

Gloria Gaynor (disco singer, the original “Queen of Disco” – a tribute on her 65th birthday)



October 2014:

Lynsey de Paul (British singer/songwriter and former ESC contestant – a small tribute after she died)



November 2014:

Eydie Gorme (American classic pop singer and Latin Music singer, Las Vegas headliner and TV-show celebrity)



February 2015:

Lesley Gore (American 1960’s Pop singer) – a small tribute to her music after her death on February 16 2015



March 2015:

Jackie Trent (British songwriter and singer) – a personal tribute written after her death on March 21 2015



April 2015:

Teresa Brewer (American singer) – a in depth look at some of the many great albums this incredibly versatile singer made from her record debut in 1949 and up through the next 50 years….



July 2015:

Jaki Graham (British soul singer) – a “go out and buy it” short look in conjunction with her first 7 albums being put out in a collected box set



August 2015:

Silver Convention (German disco group) – an appreciation of their career that started out 40 years ago. Also contain brief biographies on the members; Penny Mc Lean, Ramona Wulf, Linda G. Thompson, Jackie Carter and Rhonda Heath.


October 2015:

An article about Norwegian singer Trine Rein



January 2016:

An appreciation and quick look at the career of Sister Sledge



February 2016:

A short note on Dinah Shore – coinciding with the centennial of her birth



March 2016:

A quick look at some obscure, but awesome 1979 disco records….



April 2016:

Get to know Canada’s premier disco singer, France Joli

















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