Back in September 2015, I wrote about the much awaited CD rerelease of Lesley’s 1972 album, “Someplace Else Now” (read it here:

That article contained a hope for also seeing a rerelease of her great 1976 album “Love Me By Name“.


Lesley Gore's 1976 album, "Love Me By Name"

Lesley Gore’s 1976 album, “Love Me By Name”


Well, now that waiting is over – the CD is here!! (And all you fans better be “Off & Running” once more….)

While the 1972 album placed Lesley firmly in the singer-songwriter category, this one is a much more varied collection, containing everything from light disco to beautiful ballads. The opening track, “Sometimes” finds her backed up by the very funky Johnson Brothers, and the stuttering “Immortality” shows off yet another side of her talents.

After this, Lesley released just two more albums during her life time; “The Canvas Can Do Miracles” (1982) and finally “Ever Since” (2006).

Nuff said, ’cause you are about to go get this one now….!