Three unknown masterpieces from 1979….

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Back in 1979, disco was still popular – and a lot of great albums came out during disco’s heyday. Some by famous artists who were either true “disco stars” or albums by singers from other fields of music who just jumped on the disco wagon for a shorter time span. Then there were some great records released by singers or groups about whom nothing much is known – but that doesn’t take the focus away from the fact that their albums were great and still sound fresh and exciting today! I will give you a closer look into my three favourite albums from the glorious disco year 1979!


Barbara Law – “Take All Of Me”

The album "Take All Of Me" by Barbara Law

The album “Take All Of Me” by Barbara Law

I know absolutely nothing about Barbara Law, but this great record was recorded in Canada – so she might be Canadian…. Whether she has made any other records is hard to say, not much information about Miss Law to be found on the internet. But at least she made this great album! As far as I know this collection has never been released on CD, but if you search long enough, you will find a digital version (made from the original LP).

The title track is by far the best thing on offer here, seven and a half-minute of true disco heaven (even if the lyrics don’t do much for women’s liberation!) Barbara Law has a smoky, sensual voice that sounds a little strained at times – but that gives her a special edge. “On My Own Again” is the only ballad here, but it proves that she is a more than competent singer, and that makes me wonder why she didn’t record more… The other 6 songs are of the upbeat disco/pop variety, and they are all good. All in all – this album is one of (disco)musics most obscure treasures, but well worth searching out! If any of my readers can supply me with som additional information on Barbara Law, please write me!!


The Raes – “Dancing Up A Storm”

The Raes were indeed "Dancing Up A Storm" in 1979

The Raes were indeed “Dancing Up A Storm” in 1979

This Canada-based duo made another one of the most exciting albums of 1979 – led off by the incredibly infectious hit single “A Little Lovin’ (Keeps The Doctor Away)”. The whole album is very good, even their disco remake of Supertramps “School“. This album is another one way overdue for CD-release, and like the Barbara Law album, you can find digital versions that have been made from the original LP. As far as I have been able to find out, this was the second of three albums made by the Raes. The rest of their history, you can read HERE.


Mary Wilson – “Mary Wilson”

Ex-Supreme Mary Wilson, solo album from 1979

Ex-Supreme Mary Wilson, solo album from 1979

Maybe the greatest injustice in the history of music, is the fact that Mary Wilson’s great 1979 album has never been put out on CD! She started out in the Primettes in 1959, then was the only constant member of the Supremes until they disbanded in 1977. Diana Ross was always front and center of the Supremes, but on several of their many great albums, Mary Wilson gets the chance to shine as well – so this was not the first time music lovers got the hear her dark, honeyed tones, but this was the first time SHE was front and center on an album!

Not a typical disco record, this one is a little more funky and soulful than a lot of the other stuff that came out in 1979. But tracks like (her first solo single) “Red Hot“, its B-side “Midnight Dancer” and “I’ve Got What You Need” will no doubt make you dance! Through the seven great songs here, Mary Wilson proves that she is more than talented enough to be a solo star. However, record companies never seemed to be very interested, and her next two singles (“Don’t Get Mad, Get Even” and “Ooh Child“) were both recorded in England for Ian Levine’s Nightmare label… This album laid the foundation for what should have been an illustrious solo career – but during the last 25 years, Mary Wilson has recorded only sporadically, and when she did – it was for smaller labels that offered little promotion…

There! A short survey on three of my all time favourite albums! If you have anything to add to these short musings, please let me know! If you already own these records – I guess it is because you enjoy them as much as I have through the last 37 years….




Sister Sledge – Happy anniversary

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Incredibly enough, 2016 marks the 45th anniversary of Sister Sledge as recording artists! Yep, their very first single “Time will tell” came out in 1971…. Eight years on, they had their major break-through;  their album “We Are Family” and its hit singles “He´s the greatest dancer”, “Lost in music”, “Thinking of you” and the classic title track made them household names all over the globe.

From their first album, “Circle Of Love” (1976) and up to their great 1985-release, “When The Boys Meet The Girls” they enjoyed a very golden decade indeed, churning out hits and very good albums.

This post is just a small reminder – to draw your attention to the greatest sister act since the Andrews Sisters, and to ask you to re-accquaint yourself with some of their great album. Sister Sledge were SO much more than just their all time greatest hit, “We are family”.

The classic albums 1976-85

The classic albums 1976-85

The sisters smooth, sliky, soulful harmonies are just what you need during the grey, cold and dark January evenings. Music and love “given in a family dose”!


Another year is behind us…

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So, here we are again – about to enter another new year.

Hopefully you all had a very nice Christmas, and I also hope you filled 2015 with great music every day of this year!

Looking back at 2015, the saddest news this year surely was the deaths of Cilla Black, Lynn Anderson and the very recent passing of Motörheads front man, Lemmy Kilmister. They all first started in the business way back in the 60’s; Cilla was Liverpools finest female and had a long and prosperous career as a singer and television personality.


Cilla Black (1943-2015)

Cilla Black (1943-2015)


Lynn chose country music as her direction, and doing very well in that area. Her 1970 hit “Rose Garden” will forever be regarded as one of popular music’s biggest hits of all time. I certainly hope the CBS records now rummage through their files, and re-releases ALL of her albums on that label – they are all classic 70’s country at its very best, and have been out of print way too long!


Lynn Anderson (1947-2015)

Lynn Anderson (1947-2015)


Lemmy was rock ‘n’ rolls bad guy, and the most honest, brutal hard rocker ever to appear on the scene – and tributes to his life and art have been many the last week…


Lemmy Kilmister (1945-2015)

Lemmy Kilmister (1945-2015)


These three all died rather unexpected, and they were all singers I admired tremendously, as they were all very good at what they were doing in their respective fields. The passing of Lesley Gore is accounted for in a separate post on this site (check the file for February 2015 to read my tribute to her)

I was also deeply touched by the passing of actress Maureen O’ Hara (1920-2015). The veteran actress, who made her first movie in 1939 was always a pleasure to watch, and any and all of her films are worth seeing – just because she is in it!


Maureen O' Hara graced countless Movies from 1939... This photo was taken 2014, and proves that even at age 93, miss O' Hara was still gorgeous!

Maureen O’ Hara graced countless movies from 1939… This photo was taken 2014, and proves that even at age 93, miss O’ Hara was still gorgeous!


This year has also seen a lot of tributes to Frank Sinatra, on the occasion on what would have been his 100th birthday. Congratulations should also be given to his daughter Nancy Sinatra, who (believe it or not!), turned 75 this year!

Finally, I have to say that I am very happy that this website recently passed 50.000 Readers, something I had never dreamed possible when I created it in January 2012! Thanks for checking in, for reading my posts and for all those nice emails, comments and positive feedbacks!

Stay with me through 2016 also – a lot more posts and musical musings to be published in the new year!



Jaki Graham – All Boxed Up

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It was just a matter of time (cause we all knew it HAD to happen, right..!?) before some smart record company executive did it: All of Jaki Graham’s 7 albums recorded 1985 – 1998 in one nice box. Finally it’ s here!


Step right up - the Jaki box is here!

Step right up – the Jaki box is here!


Jaki Graham (born September 15, 1956) burst on the scene in the mid-1980’s, and immediately placed herself in the front line of British singers. Her music was the much need vitamin shot for the 80’s: Soulful, danceable, well produced and extremely well performed!

The Box includes these original albums: “Heaven Knows” (1985), “Breaking Away” (1986), “From Now On” (1989), “Real Life” (1994), “Hold On” (1995), “Rhythm Of Life” (1996) and “My Life” (1998). All of her great hits and best known songs are here, as well as a few pleasant surprises and at a total of 86 songs – this is a treasure chest!

Anyone who ever set foot on a dance floor during the 80’s and 90’s have surely done some dancing to songs like “Could it be I’m falling in love”, “Round and round”, “Mated”, “Step right up”, “The closest one”, “Set me free” and “Ain’t Nobody” (her cover of the Chaka Khan song that hit no. 1 in the US Dance Charts). Also you get a whole bunch of very nice and soulfilled ballads – of which my absolute favourite is the stunning “The better part of me” (off the 1989 album).

If you think that now I’m going to give you an overview of the different songs and albums, you’re wrong – I am hereby chasing you off to the record store (whether online or physical) to buy the box, because this one is not to be missed! And while you’re at the store, you should also get the one album that is not included in the box: Jaki’s great album of jazz and blues standards “For Sentimental Reasons” (2012). It is her last album so far, and while it stylistically is very different from the other seven albums, it does fill out the picture of what Jaki can do as a singer, and who knows – maybe a career in jazz is on the horizon. A great album, get yourself this one as well!

Her 2012 collection of jazz and blues standards must not be overlooked

Her 2012 collection of jazz and blues standards must not be overlooked

Jaki Graham is one awesome singer, and whether you wanna dance or just relax you are sure to find songs in her recorded legacy that will fit your mood at any time.

It it usually considered an honour to get your collected works all boxed up. This time around the honour is bestowed upon the great Jaki Graham – very well deserved!



Coming up soon – a closer look at Bettye LaVette

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Bettye LaVette is currently one of the truly great blues and soul singers in the business. For the last ten years she has released one great album after another, showing time and time again what a totally dedicated and consummate artist she is.

A lot of people might not be aware that she made her first record way back in 1962 and spent years struggling on small labels, constantly working but never quite making it into the big league. She made dozens of great singles in the 60s and early 70s, was a disco singer in the late 70s, had her first released album come out on Motown in 1982 – after TWENTY years of working in the business, then moving on to the British label Motorcity in the late 80s, before rightly claiming her well-deserved position in this millennium.

The great Bettye LaVette

The great Bettye LaVette

Universally acclaimed for her talent these days, the record companies have been wise enough to re-release most of what Bettye has recorded during the last 53 years, and a survey of her recording career will be published here during February or March. Stay tuned!


Calla was just one of the smaller labels Bettye worked for. Ad from 1965

Calla was just one of the smaller labels Bettye worked for. Ad from 1965



At the end of 2014

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Here we are, the very last day of 2014.

I hope your 2014 was a good one, and that 2015 will be even better! There are 365 days to fill with music ahead of us, and as I have done for the past three years, in 2015 I will continue to bring you new musical musings and artist biographies.

Wishing you all a very, merry 2015!

Wishing you all a very, merry 2015!


As a last bit of “show biz update” – I will leave a small dedication:

Though she never sang much, actress Luise Rainer got her first Academy Award for a musical biography, “The Great Ziegfeld” in 1936. She was then the youngest actress to receive the Oscar, and also the first German actress to win it. When she got another Academy Award in 1937 (for “The Good Earth”), she became to first actress to win it twice. Miss Rainer made 12 movies between 1932 and 1943. After 54 years, she finally made her last movie, “The Gambler” in 1997.

Luise Rainer on her 100th birthday, pictured in her home in London with her 1936 & 1937 Oscars

Luise Rainer on her 100th birthday, pictured in her home in London with her 1936 & 1937 Oscars


Born on January 12, 1910 – Luise Rainer died yesterday (December 30 2014), two weeks short of her 105th birthday. She was the most senior member of the Academy, and although she may not be a  familliar name today, she certainly belongs to the true royalty of film!

Her passing now makes Olivia De Havilland (born July 1 1916) the most senior Oscar winner still alive.

Wishing all my readers a happy new year – see you around in 2015!


Christmas is here again…..

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…and so, it’s time to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2015!

As always, your comments and emails through the year have been greatly appreciated, so keep’em coming in the new year as well!


Norwegian seasonal postcard, dating back to the 1940's

Norwegian seasonal postcard, dating back to the 1940’s


May your Christmas be filled with nice things, good food, love and great music! More artist profiles and musical stuff coming up right after the holidays…. Stay tuned!




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