I will shortly update this blog with some new posts, and they will both deal with two marvellous “grand dames” of jazz: Anita O’Day and Maxine Sullivan.

The two legendary ladies of jazz have several things in common, and also several things that make them complete opposites: they both had very long careers, and while Anita was maybe the greatest white jazz girl of the last century, Maxine was forever left in the shadows of her more famous afro american jazz sisters, like Billie, Ella, Sarah and even Lena Horne.

Maxine’s recording career spans 50 years, from her first record made in 1937 up to the last one, recorded live just one week before she died in 1987. Maxine also left the music industry completely 1957-1969, so there is a 12 year gap in her output. However, she always sounded fresh and swinging up to her very last session.

Anita O’Day has one of the longest stretching recording careers in the history of music! Making her first disc in 1941, she kept at it even after most of her voice was gone up to and including her last album made in 2006. That adds up to 65 years of recording, and unlike Maxine she never had very long stretches when she wasn’t actively singing.

More about these two fabulous girls coming soon!