Kim showing Motown glamour 1965


Kim Weston (1939 – ) is another great lady of soul, who has never received the proper recognition for her work. She was yet another Motown singer who was obscured by their group Supremes and their most magnificent lead singer, Diana Ross.

Kim in the early 60's, with The Andantes

Kim was signed to Motown 1962-67, and she made some truly great music there, but it was not given the right kind of promotion, and so all people remember of her Motown work is her two biggest hits “Take me in your arms (Rock me a little while)” and “Helpless”. And of course her 1966 album with Marvin Gaye, “Take Two” which included their hit single “It takes two”.

Kim & Marvin at an album cover photo session 1966
Motown never bothered to release a proper solo album with Kim, but luckily in later years absolutely all of her Motown recordings have been made available on CD, and the two disc/48 track “The Motown Anthology” is definitely worth searching out. Kim has a great voice, and adapts it to widely different material. She can sensually coo her way through a jazzy ballad, or she can belt out a fast stomping soul song like the best of them!
Obviously unhappy, she switched labels in 1967 – moving on to MGM. She saw some chart action with the singles “I got what you need” and “Nobody”, and her stunning version of the “black anthem”, “Lift every voice and sing”. MGM also put out a couple of great albums with Kim; “For The First Time” (1967), “This Is America” (1968).
She then got a recording contract with Stax in 1969, the year she made a very good album with Johnny Nash, including the minor hit single “We try harder”. Also on Stax, she made the incredibly soulful “Kim Kim Kim” (1971), containing a fabulous version of “When something is wrong with my baby”.
Next up was her jazz-inspired album “Big Brass Four Poster” (1972), recorded with The Hastings Street Jazz Experience.
After this, Kim did not record again for 15 years, but she did go on tour with both Billy Eckstein and Harry Belafonte. She also worked in radio and she supported and worked for Detroit’s Mayor Young for several years. In addition she went to Israel for some time, working with young singers there.

Kim on the cover of Jet Magazine, 1973

In 1987, Kim was the first ex-Motowner to be signed to Ian Levine’s British label Motor City. Her first single for them was “Signal your intention”, which soared to No. 1 on the UK Hi Energy charts. An album called “Investigate” followed, combining brand new material with a couple of re-recordings of old songs from her time at Motown. She also teamed with Marvin Gaye’s brother Frankie Gaye to make some duets, among them a remake of “It takes two”.

Kim & Marvin's brother: cover of 1989 single

 A follow-up album, “Talking Loud” saw a limited release in Europe 1990, but all of Kim’s Motor City material is available on CD and as digital downloads. Among the most stunning tracks from this period is her version of “It should have been me” and the title track from “Investigate” which is absolutely great!

Still glamourous, 1990's


Kim in 2004, with Scherrie Payne and Brenda Holloway

 Kim is still active as a performer, and often visits Europe and the UK. If you ever get the chance to see her perform live, do it!
She is a true soul legend whose work stands up against any competition. Great voice, great songs, great Lady!