The year 2012 will mark the 40th anniversary of Suzi Quatro as a recording artist! Her first single, “Rolling Stone” was released in 1972. She then shot into the superstar league the next year, based on her hit singles “Can the Can”, “48 Crash” and “Devil Gate Drive”.

Labelled, at various times, as the “queen of glamrock”, “worlds greatest female bass guitarist” and original bad girl of rock ´n roll – Suzi was all that, but so much more!

The first ten years of her recording career made the foundation for her lasting reputation in rock, but it´s not like she stopped recording or performing in the early 80s. She just sought out other directions, and found new outlets for her creative powers.

Is there a link between Ethel Merman & Suzi? And a link between Tallulah Bankhead & Suzi? Is the leather clad siren of the 70´s in any way linked to new age spirituality? Is Suzi really a German “hausfrau” these days…?

Stay with me, and check back in a few days – all these questions and much more about Suzi and her long and prosperous career will be revealed!