Much revered, but too little known – I feel it’s time to place the spotlight on that late, great soul sister – Barbara Acklin! Her career and her albums to be profiled soon!

A portrait of Barbara Acklin, taken in the late 1960’s

Acklin was a song writer and singer, whose golden decade was from around 1965 up to 1975 (the year of her last studio album), but she did make occasional singles up to the early 1990’s. She may be best known for hit duet with Gene Chandler, “From The Teacher to The Preacher” and her own 1968 classic “Love Makes A Woman”, but her albums show a lot of different sides to this wonderful, and now sadly obscure, vocalist. She was a soulful singer, doing a wide range of material from middle of the road pop songs to dance tunes….

The cover of her 1990 single “You’re The One”

Check back in a few days, and there will be more information here about Barbara Acklin, who sadly died in 1998 at the age of just 55…