I feel it’s about time we put the spotlight back on to this wonderful British Girl Singer – who this year could celebrate no less than two big events; On July 1st she turned (incredibly, I know) 70 years old – and 2012 also marks the 50th anniversary of her big break through record, “Bobby’s Girl”.

Susan Maughan at age 21 – in typical early 60’s fashion.

Although her run of chart hits proved to be rather short, she still had a long career – and was active on stage well into the 2000’s! Never quite getting away from her 60’s “very cute pop girl” image and the girl-group sound of her biggest hit, Susan actually had a lot more going for her, and she released some wonderful albums – all of which are quite hard to find nowadays (and if you do find them, they tend to be quite pricey!)

43 years after she wanted to be Bobby’s girl, Susan at age 63 still looks like Bobby and a lot of other guys would line up be her guy!

So, in a short time – I will give you a closer peek into the wonderful musical world of the wondrous and beautiful Susan Maughan….