A photo of the young Nancy, dipping her toes ca. 1955

She’s Frank’s daughter, she’s the perennial symbol of the 60’s go-go boots pop girl, she’s one half of the greatest Pop Duo ever (Lee Hazlewood and Nancy – oooh!) and she’s given us a musical legacy that seems eternally fresh and exciting.

Born in 1940, Nancy made her first solo record in 1961 and her last solo album so far came out in 2004. In that time span she has released a string of albums and singles that not only contains an enormous amount of great music, it’s also a document on how a 60’s pop girl can develop her talent, change with the times and put her personal stamp on great songs that fit her voice like hand in glove!

The 60’s Nancy: Short dress, big hair, lots of eye lashes and those go-go boots that were made for walkin’

Always being compared to her famous father, Nancy proved that even without that blood line she clearly would have made it to the top anyway. But the genes may have provided the talent in the first place. She has been criticized of not having a “great voice” – which I think is quite absurd; She does sing mostly in a limited register, sure. But what comes out is one of the softest, purest voices in show biz, and she is pure pleasure to listen to!

Nancy, ca. 2005. Still looking good, her career had a real up-swing in the new millennium!

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