As you might know, my last post dealt with some of my guilty pleasures, and I had lots of feedback – most of them appreciating the awesome vocal talents in the various clips.

I also got some questions about Siw Malmkvist – especially people asking about “did she really sing Scorpions, really???”…. The answer to that is of course, yes she did. In this concert performance from the late 1980’s, she tells how her teenaged son thinks that mum’s music might be a little outdated and that she should to more rock stuff. She then goes on to sing this classic Scorpions rock ballad. Here is the performance:


The ever-surprising Swedish “queen of pop” was never one to shy away from new and exciting material, and this clip (audio only) dating from 2001 finds her doing a song by German rock star Peter Maffay – a great version of “Über Sieben Brücken Musst Du Geh’n”


So there you go, some more rare clips of the fabulous “Siwan” (who will turn 80 years old on New Years Eve 2016)