My first blog post not containing anything musical at all….

This post is to draw your attention to Jeremy Bamber, who in 1986 was convicted of having murdered five of his family members. Today, after 26 years, he is still in jail – and from what I’ve read so far, there are still a lot of “loose ends” in this case.

I am in no position to say whether he is guilty or not, but this case has gotten me quite engaged as to me it seems to be one of the most unusual sentences ever given in the legal systems around the world.

I firmly believe that justice is important, and I also think that people who have committed murder indeed should be in prison. On the other hand, if the evidence given at the trial leaves room for just a shred of doubt, then passing a sentence that will put a person in jail for the rest of his life should be given out with a possibility for reconsideration if the evidence doesn’t hold up or there is any real doubt. In this case, there is seemingly a lot of doubt and also questions about how the investigation was handled. Evidence was overlooked or ignored, there has been accusations directed at the police for damaging the scene of the crime and “re-arranging” some of the evidence, some of which was given by family members who have benefited greatly from having Jeremy convicted of the murders…


Jeremy Bamber, photographed in the 1980’s


Jeremy Bamber has spent the last 26 years in jail – and even if he is guilty as charged, I think he has endured enough by this time, and should be allowed to re-enter society as any other citizen….

We can all follow the news and updates about this tragic case on the internet:

On Twitter: @Bambertweets

Web Page:

(Also has a link to Jeremy’s personal blog)

So, this post is in no way a question of whether or not “he done it”, but my humble effort to draw your attention to a man whose life for 26 years has been spent behind bars and under top security conditions. None of us can pass judgement on Jeremy, but we can all pay attention to him in our own small way. And maybe make a difference and correct some of the wrongs….

With the hope that I have been reaching out to all of you, please check the links above for more information