Tomorrow the saucy Miss Jackson celebrates her birthday, and will find herself 68 years young! I thought it was a great opportunity to write a profile about her music. Millie’s been in the recording business since 1969 when she released her first single.

I will concentrate on Millie Jackson the Soul Singer, and focus on the many great records she’s made since she started out more than 40 years ago…

Millie as a singer seems to have been obscured by a lot of other facts; her dirty raps, her sometimes tasteless record covers and that she’s a “let-it-all-out and tell-it-like-it-is” kind of singer, especially in front of an audience. Check out her live recording of “Phuck U Symphony” for a taste of her sexual bluntness and salty humour.

A lot of Millie’s songs deal with men, and relationships…. She seems to have fun with some of them on this 1980 record cover!


All of her close to 30 albums contain proof of the style she’s most famous for; the urban soul woman caught up in some kind of love affair, love triangle or looking at love from another perspective. Her strong, deep – and sometimes gruff – voice is an awesome instrument, and she more than holds her own against other soul singers of the 70’s and 80’s.

Millie made soul records, dance music, comedy albums and even a little bit of country, and adapted each and every style to suit the message she was bringing across.

Stay with me – a deep look into Millie Jackson’s recording career to follow shortly!

Our saucy, sexy Soul Sister pictured ca. 2005